Who we are

We are educators and facilitators dedicated to the practice of mindfulness and teaching coping tools to meet today’s challenges and enhance personal growth.

For over 10 years we have been helping youngsters and students to connect and strengthen their inner resourcefulness.


Founders / Directors

Co-Founder Candice MARRO

is a certified mindfulness trainer & psychotherapist, She designed the P.E.A.C.E® curriculum for schools, which is based on the practice of mindfulness and the development of psycho-social skills. Candice also teaches stress regulation and self-awareness courses for students. She is the author of two books and has designed audio programs for mindfulness-based apps such as Petit Bambou and Prezens.

Co-Founder Isabelle GIRALDO

is a certified mindfulness trainer & ecotherapist, She designed Eco-facilitation training to help young adults transform their eco-anxiety into strength and to become agents of change, each at their own level and aligned with their individual potential.



Kathryn (Kate) Kemp-Griffin Canada

Griffin is a certified mindfulness teacher and dedicated P.E.A.C.E® instructor working with students and teachers to integrate mindfulness in the classroom. Deeply involved with breast health and supporting women with breast cancer, Kate teaches mindfulness in her workshops and support groups to help women connect with their inner strength and wisdom.


Youth Committee

Alena Kern-Marro BFYM Ambassadors UK

Aline Orban BFYM Ambassadors France

Clémence Sergeant BFYM Ambassadors Germany

Lilli von Hoenning BFYM Ambassadors

We are mental health educators and professionals who contributed to the resources and materials for the BFYM Ambassadors. We provide supervision and referrals.