Changing the conversation in our heads

We train young generations (15-25 years old) and educators to become BefriendYourMind (BFYM) Ambassadors within their school, campus or any educational/working environment.


We help youngsters, students and young adults to become empowered, engaged and compassionate leaders to foster healthy and safe communities and promote mental, physical and environmental well-being.


Mission statement

The Circle fosters an experience of community, acknowledging that each voice may be heard; that each person has a gift, a story to share, and plays an essential role in the collective. The process helps strengthen a network of peer support and promotes a sense of well-being and belonging for all.

Our Befriend Your Mind ambassadors learn to:

  • Understand and manage emotions and social and eco-anxiety
  • Support a positive attitude towards mental health
  • Develop listening skills
  • Work together to implement compassionate action

What we do onsite or online

We cover 4 foundations for a healthy mind and healthy society :

Mental Health

Better know yourself - Self


Climate psychology

Ecology and climate change - Nature



New stories - The power of Imagination


Act together

Relating to others & collaborating

Our Methodology


has been applied and researched in various educational settings and beyond. The psychological benefits, including stress reduction and emotion regulation is well documented. Managing stress and emotions, and moving beyond our perceptions and thoughts, is an essential part of our journey to mental health.

Deep Ecology

helps us align our relationships and experiences in the exterior world with our inner experience. We can use our feelings and sensations like a compass to guide us in establishing our values and making decisions about the role we wish to have in this world. Every identifiable emotion guides us to change — or honour — our relationships with others, life, nature and the world.

The way of council

is an indigenous tradition that offers a way of communicating that encourages attentive listening as well as honest and compassionate expression. From the viewpoint of Council, one’s individual health and well-being is the concern of all. If someone feels isolated or if a conflict arises, it reflects an imbalance within the community.

Our ambassadors learn to facilitate on site or online BeFriendyourMind (BFYM) circles to provide a peer to peer support network and promote a sense of well-being and belonging.

We support the emergence of a peer-to-peer community as well as an online resource centre led by experts and a youth committee.

How Does a Befriendyourmind circle work?


The BFYM circles cover 4 themes : Mental Health, Climate anxiety, Creativity, Collaboration.

Mental health is the leading health challenge for young Canadians